After gaining a thorough understanding of the project, BLD7 formulates a comprehensive project management plan. We consider all of the separate phases of the job to efficiently sequence the individual tasks and our quality team of tradespeople. We develop a thorough procurement plan including itemised costings to enable accurate cash flow management and our client’s peace of mind.

The process is as follows

  • The Architectural, engineering and energy efficiency documents are finalised which allows the project management to commence.
  • The client will take out an owner builder insurance policy that covers such items as existing building, proprietor supply items and public liability.
  • A Private Certifier is engaged to oversee the build process, from the lodgement of plans being approved right through to practical completion and sign off to council.
  • Take offs and quotes are obtained from all trades relating to the build and a transparent process follows allowing the client to see actual quotes avoiding any unknowns.
  • Monthly project fees and trade invoices are checked, authorised and paid by the client at the time of issue. This process gives the client full financial control of their project.
  • Public liability insurances from each trade are obtained before commencing any work as required by council.
  • Detailed monthly cost control reports are maintained at all times providing up to date accounts of cost balances.
  • Site meetings are regularly held between the client, architect and trades to ensure the project is meeting all requirements.
  • Regular, up to date correspondence is the key to a well-managed project.
  • BLD 7 is also accustomed to client and architect changes during the course of the build and can be managed accordingly.